Rachel, a Mental Health Nurse, and her son campaigning to save our NHS

In the UK, nursing is in crisis:

  • Our profession has been decimated by pay cuts – our wages are 20% lower than a decade ago
  • Student Nurses and Midwives pay to work while they are training
  • The staffing crisis means we are unable to provide the level of care we were trained to
  • We are marginalised and our voices are ignored by politicians

Now the COVID-19 crisis has put nursing in the spotlight. We are lauded as “angels” and our fallen colleagues thanked for their sacrifice.

Nurses United says: we are skilled healthcare professionals and deserve to be treated like it.

That’s what we’re here to do. A group of us came together, ready for nurses to win the recognition, reward and the workplaces we deserve.

Something needs to change.

We believe that nurses need to become active in our workplaces and our communities to say that our lives, those of our patients and the future of our NHS, matters.

Our plan is simple. Together, we’ll build a coordinated organisation of passionate and active nurses and together, we’ll win.

The only way we’ll win is with your help.

Get involved if you want to put nurses' voices front and centre.

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