1. We are an organisation of Frontlines Nurses for Frontline Nurses.

2. We value every member of the Nursing field, whether you are a Nursing Assistant or a Nurse Consultant you can be a member of Nurses United. We value and want Students to join us too.

3. Nursing is political.

4. We are the place for nurses to get organised.

5. The only way we will win is by building the capacity and confidence of nurses on the frontlines.

6. Every nurse and patient comes with their own knowledge and experience and can be a leader of our movement.

7. When nurses can’t speak out things go wrong. We stand against anyone who tries to silence us or any nurse. 

8. We believe in investing in the education of all healthcare staff at all stages of their career.

9. Graduate Nurses are essential for the future of the NHS and we will fight any attempt to undermine Nursing training as a matter of public safety.

10. Nurses and patients deserve and pay for a safely staffed NHS. It saves us money and provides the best outcomes. 

11. Safe Staffing means ratios which are responsive to acuity.

12. Nurses should be paid what they deserve. It is in everyone’s interests, to keep our health services properly staffed.

13. Individual and Structural oppression causes ill health. We, therefore, work to end anything that discriminates against people based upon their race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, political or union affiliation, age, religious belief or lack of one. 

14. Healthcare is more than whether or not you can see a Nurse. We actively seek to build a society which ensures that people are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

15. The NHS is the greatest creation of our country. We will protect it and fight for a national service that is publicly owned, provided and that prioritises the care and safety of us all. 

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