Nurses United is governed by our Core Leadership Team (CLT) which is chaired by our Convenor.

CLT members are all Nurses and selected by interview and democratic vote by the existing CLT.

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The Core Leadership Team

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Tom Bolger, Self-Employed Nurse and Convenor of Nurses United


Tom is a self-employed nurse with a long history of activism in health and local politics.  

A nurse for 50 years,Tom is a former Assistant General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing and has extensive experience in the NHS, nurse education and prison healthcare. He is a member of the RCN, GMB, the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party.

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Danielle Tiplady, Registered Nurse and a member of Nurses United’s CLT


Danielle is a Registered Nurse working in London. She has experience of working in the community, wards and critical care. She has a lot of experience of grassroots campaigning within Nursing on subjects such as the removal of the NHS Bursary, pay increases for Nurses and Safe Staffing.

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Lou Cahill, RN, DFSRH – Clinical Nurse Specialist and a member of Nurses United’s CLT


Lou Cahill works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in sexual health. Prior to this she has worked as an Emergency Nurse and an Acute Care Nurse. Lou has spent many years as a volunteer and activist for marginalised issues such as homelessness, refugee health, human trafficking & sex work. She sits on the NHS England Modern Slavery Network and the Avon and Somerset Anti-Slavery Partnership. She is currently studying for an MSc in Crime Science at University College London.  Lou has a background in human geography and spent 10 years on and off with the Red Cross in humanitarian aid. 

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Geoff Earl, Registered Mental Health Nurse and member of Nurses United’s CLT


Geoff is a Registered Mental Health nurse in Edinburgh Scotland. A front line nurse, he has been a trades union activist for all his nursing career. Geoff is a campaigner for rank and file nursing and believes that it is through grass-roots organisation that our voice will be listened to. By organising effectively within our workplaces and communities we can defend the NHS and begin to rebuild it after years of sustained attacks by Westminster Governments and their friends.

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Clare McIntyre, Registered Nurse (Children’s), Health Visitor and member of Nurses United’s CLT


Clare is a Registered Children’s Nurse and Health Visitor working in Liverpool. She currently works in children’s research in primary and secondary care. She is also a school governor, carer, volunteer and mum. She has been elected as a Liverpool Labour Councillor since May 2017. Clare believes that we win people over by listening, talking and building relationships. If top-down worked, we wouldn’t be in this mess with our NHS, Social Care and Public Health services.

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