This is where you can find all our resources to organise with nurses and our patients

NHS Pay 15% campaign

Ballot Leaflets

We’ve created these leaflets to allow you to have conversations with your colleagues about the upcoming pay ballots.

How to persuade people to take action?

Lots of people want to start having conversations with their colleagues but might not know how to get started. To do this, we’ve created this quick guide on how to have simple conversations with nurses about the upcoming pay ballots.

Who are we?

Download these leaflets as a conversation starter to talk to your colleagues about the power of Nurses United and how we can take collective action together!


We all know how much pressure there is on the frontlines and the ‘Clap for Heroes show’s the depth of feeling for our NHS. We need to make sure that we ‘Care for our Carers’ so please use this poster on social media and in your windows to show your support for our NHS.

Mapping Template

Right now we need to map out where our colleagues are. This is an example of our mapping template that we use in our trainings so that you can start to map out where all the nurses are in your workplace and build the contacts you need to win.

Safety campaign

Anti Racism campaign


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