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We want nurses' issues front and centre. This is the best way to protect ourselves, our patients and our NHS.


Together we will take action and demand better working conditions for nurses.


We provide the political education and support for you to take action.

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We have released a statement to show our support against the racism that exists in the US and in the 4 countries of the UK. The disproportionate deaths of black people  at the hands of the police are not new or incidental. They are the product of the deep levels of systemic and institutional racism … Continued

Let’s get Healthcare workers a pay rise!

Did you know? Our NHS and health and social care workers are leaving the profession because of low pay. We need to do more than clap for our carers the government now needs to put their money where their mouth is. Nurses have lost 20% of their pay in real terms This has caused a … Continued

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