👇🏽 Nurses and our Supporters we need you! 👇🏽

We’re asking frontline nurses and their supporters to meet with us outside Sajid Javid’s office at 15:00 on Saturday 11th September 🏢

His office’s address is 18 High Street, Bromsgrove, B61 8HQ 📋

We’ve sent him a letter which you can read below asking him to meet us 🗓️

If he’s not there we’re going to speak to his constituents and protest outside to let everyone know what this Government’s real-terms pay cuts has and will continue to do to our patient’s safety 😷

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Can’t attend?

Then use this form to send Mr Javid a message about why NHS workers deserve 15% (keep it polite!) and we’ll share them with his constituents 📨

#ThreeStrikesWereOut #NursesUnited #NHSPay15

Download the Leaflet

Download our Leaflet and speak to your team about coming to the event or sending this Government a message.

Read the Letter

Here’s the letter we sent to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care:

Dear Mr Javid,

We’re writing to you as frontline nurses and their supporters to ask that you meet with us at 15:00 on Saturday 11th September. 

Across our community, frontline workers have kept us going. Whether it’s teaching our children, keeping our trains running or ensuring that our supermarkets stay open – we can all see how important our workers are. And we’re sure you can agree that this has been best displayed within our NHS, where our cleaners and porters, doctors and nurses, have gone above and beyond what they signed up for by putting themselves at risk to keep the UK healthy and safe.

Our NHS workers have cared for us when we needed them, before the pandemic and throughout it. Many have sacrificed their lives, health and wellbeing to do so. This is why we are writing to you, as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to ask that you show us the care that we have always deserved. On Saturday 11th September at 15:00, we will be coming to your office to meet you and discuss why a 3% pay deal is dangerous to our patient’s safety and puts us all at risk. We hope that you will be there to meet us. 

As the MP that represents our profession, we know that you’ll understand the importance nurse’s pay has on the safety of our patients. With over a 20% real-terms pay cut since 2010, our NHS now has 100,000 vacancies. That shouldn’t be happening in a country where the public pays for its healthcare through general taxation and overwhelmingly supports a restorative pay rise for nurses. 

As the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, we’re sure you can agree that a restorative pay rise is sorely needed to build back our country by investing in our local services and staff. So, come meet us, Mr Javid, and listen to the people that you’re supposed to represent.

Yours faithfully,

Nurses United UK

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