To all our members, supporters, friends and allies, 

We were disappointed to learn this week that the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has arbitrarily defined Nurses United as an “unregistered” trade union. This decision was taken to wrongfully disqualify RCN members on Nurses United’s leadership team from exercising their full rights to participate within their union.

Nurses United is a campaign organisation that gives nurses and healthcare workers a platform to push this government to invest in our NHS, to listen to healthcare workers, and to put people before profits.

We have been clear we are not a union since April 2020, when we contacted all the General Secretaries of the health unions, including UNISON, the RCN, Unite the Union and the GMB. This included the current members of RCN Council. We have since had a positive relationship with representatives across the union movement because of our commitment to engaging within our unions and Nurses United.

With bin bags as PPE equipment, low wages forcing nurses to food banks, unsafe staffing ratios and nurses literally dying because they went to work during a pandemic, all of us in the healthcare community should be unifying and working together. Now is not the time to divide, nor is it the time to quiet the voices of frontline nurses and healthcare workers. This is why it saddens us at Nurses United to discover the RCN, with over £100 million in reserves and a surplus this year of £6 to £8 million, is willing to spend members money and countless hours of their time on legal fees to disenfranchise their members and member leaders.

Here at Nurses United, we spend our money and time supporting the issues and campaigns that matter most to frontline nurses. Through our #NHSPay15 campaign, nurses and healthcare workers have come together regardless if they are members or supporters of GMB, UNISON, the RCN, Unite, the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, Help for Heroes, British Heart Foundation, Guide Dogs and so many more organisations. 

We exist because a group of nurses came together and said ‘Enough is Enough’. Now we’re leading the way because we know the only way to win is if we organise! This is why it is important for you to join – for just £2 a month – today.

Our doors are open to all nurses, healthcare workers and supporters who want to join as members or supporters of Nurses United and get active in our #NHSPay15 campaign and the Nurses of Colour Network. We’ll continue to work with any healthcare union or organisation who believes now is the time to work together. We’ll continue to keep our focus on what matters most to our members and, together, we will win!

Don’t just get angry, get active. Join Nurses United today.

Stronger Together,
Nurses United’s Core Leadership Team

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The only way we’ll win is with your help.

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