We will be joining the training together as Medact and Nurses United to learn and practice skills to bring into our campaigning for health justice,  including: 

  • 🔭  Campaign strategy 
  • 🔎 Identifying and recruiting new people 
  • 🗣 Persuasive conversation techniques
  • 🏥 Real life examples of health workers winning demands

The Organizing for Power team have put together this Participant Manual that includes all you need to know! 

Those joining us on Tuesday will be joining the sessions from 5-7pm every Tuesday.

For those joining us on Thursday the sessions are from 7 – 9pm every Thursday.

You will receive the zoom link via email and through the WhatsApp group set up.

Please contact safiah@nursesuniteduk.org if you have any questions!

What will the training cover? 

We will cover key skills and explore tools together to support our campaigning. 

In general, each week there will be some time spent in a plenary session  and then some time spent in breakout discussions. In weeks 2 and 3, we will be in breakout groups across Medact and Nurses United. In weeks 4 and 5, you will be in breakout groups with members of your local group or campaign area. 

This is a summary of the training outline: 

Week 1: 10th OR 12th May Introduction, Core Concepts & Leadership IdentificationPlenary session 
Week 2: 17th OR 19th MaySemantics and the words we chooseMain plenary and cross-organisation breakout groups
Week 3: 24th &OR 26th May6 Step-Structured Organizing Conversations, Part 1Main plenary and cross-organisation breakout groups
Week 4: 31st OR 2nd June 6 Step-Structured Organizing Conversations, Part 2Main plenary and breakout groups as Medact and Nurses United
Week 5: 7th OR 9th JuneCharting and Structure Tests, Part 1Main plenary and breakout groups as Medact and Nurses United. 
Week 6: 14th OR 16th JuneCharting and Structure Tests, Part 2Plenary

Campaign Practice

Every week, there is a short campaign practice to do before the following session with the aim to do these together within our groups.

In week 1 those attending on Tuesday (10th May) can meet at 4.30pm to practice and reflect on the task, whilst those attending on Thursday (12th May) will meet at 6:30pm.

From week 2 onwards we will create a 30-minute check in time each week before the session on Thursday at 6.30pm as a way to come together and reflect on the campaign practice.

How will we keep in touch? 

Each week, we will send an update via email & WhatsApp with:

  • A brief summary of what was covered in that week’s session
  • What’s coming up in the following week, including the campaign practice 

The WhatsApp group will also be a space to keep in touch in between sessions and share reflections on what we are learning collectively. 

Summary of Actions

  • Have a look at the Participant Manual 
  • Join the WhatsApp Group (contact Safiah on 07886617599 to be added on to the WhatsApp group)

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