As the 2nd COVID-19 wave hits the NHS and hospitals, NHS workers are uniting again to ensure that this Government listens to the call for a 15% pay rise. Starting on Monday 12 October, we’ve organised a week of actions to tell this government enough is enough. We don’t just want praise we want a RAISE.

From a spoken word poetry event to contacting your MPs, we’re using creative methods to again challenge this Government’s decision to refuse to raise our pay after decades of pay restraint which has seen an average nurse lose 20% of their wage to inflation since 2010.

Make your voice heard and join us throughout the Protestival for Pay!

Make Your Voice Heard Monday

We need to make our voices heard so today we’re focused on learning how to talk about the campaign with our colleagues and organise in our workplaces. Our evening Zoom training – Persuasive Conversations – is part of our Tool-Kit series teaching our members how to build a movement and win campaigns. Normally only open for members, this training is open to all to attend as part of the Protestival for Pay. Don’t miss out, click here to find out how you can sign up today!

Tell Your MP Tuesday

We need MPs to know we’re serious and they need to support a 15% pay rise. This Tuesday it is time to tell them how you feel. You can start with sending them an email, we’ve already written a template for you.

Join our Twitterstorm from 8pm – 9pm and tweet directly to your MP. The more people we have, the louder our voice!

Watch Out Wednesday

Today is the day to show your creative side! Share your poetry; perform a dance; colour the pavement with chalk (though do remember to wash it off later); Colour in one of our 3 NHS Pay posters and put it in your window to show support; and more! If you’ve got a fun creative way to show your support, then share it with us on our Facebook page.

We’re also hosting 3 special actions this day that we’d love for you to join.

  • Learn how to sign your support for the NHSPay15 campaign. Make your voice seen, not just heard with this online video tutorial. Nurse Holly will teach us how to use sign language to show our support. Check back here Wednesday for the video link.
  • Local groups around the UK are organising signs and banners to display on bridges and around their communities. Contact if you want to get involved.
  • Protestival poetry for NHS Pay! Starting at 7:30 on Wednesday, join us for our Protestival Poetry night featuring NHS workers alongside Professional Poets and Spoken Word Artists. Click here for get your free ticket today.

Talk to Us Thursday

It is time to hit the pavement and tell your colleagues about the NHS Pay 15% campaign. Take the skills you learned on the Monday training and start talking to your colleagues about supporting the campaign. Why not print out our flyers and hand them out to help spread the word.

This is the day to also fill out our Pay and Work Conditions survey. We want to hear from you about your experience as a nurse or healthcare worker. Fill out the form now and then get your colleagues to complete it too.

Fight for Your Pay Friday!!

Join us for our Online Rally this Friday at 8pm. We’ll stream into our NHS Workers Say No Facebook page. We’ll hear from nurses and healthcare workers from the frontlines, take actions together and celebrate how far we’ve come so far. Directly after unwind to a live DJ set and get your boogie on from the safety of your home.

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