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Our NHS and health and social care workers are leaving the profession because of low pay. We need to do more than clap for our carers the government now needs to put their money where their mouth is.

  • Nurses have lost 20% of their pay in real terms
  • This has caused a nursing shortage! 40,000 nursing vacancies in England alone (RCN in Guardian) which puts patients at risk
  • 77% of the public support a 10% pay rise for all nurses (Yougov)
  • 82% of people think the government should increase NHS funding (Yougov)

So ….

Now is the time

We need to do more than clap for our carers. We need to build power to keep our healthcare workers and our loved ones safe. This is about using this moment to build the society we want and showing that we value our healthcare workers. That means that instead of having a system where this Government cuts their pay and puts patient safety at risk, we invest in our healthcare workers and our country. Our NHS is great because of its staff.

How we win!

We need you! Whether you’re a healthcare worker or a supporter, the only way we’ll win is with thousands of people, like you, getting involved. 

Nurses United is a group of frontline nurses for frontline nurses and we’re organising to get the things healthcare workers and our patients need. We won’t get what we need to improve things if we’re the only ones campaigning on this. We’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work. 

That’s why we need to go big with thousands of people getting involved and organising to get a 15% pay rise for all workers on the NHS pay scheme. It’ll be the first proper rise we’ve got in 10 years. Just ask any nurse and they’ll tell you the ‘huge’ pay rise the Government says we’ve received never happened.

We need to get everyone we know to apply pressure to the leaders of political parties so we can win. 

Here’s what we need YOU to do now

  1. Sign the petition and use our letter tool: it informs your MP about how many people care about the issue but crucially will also ask that they take up the cause inside their own party. We can’t win without you and people you know telling MPs they care about our healthcare workers and want to see a pay rise.
  2. Healthcare workers: We need you to talk to five of your colleagues this week about why you all deserve a pay rise, get them to sign the petition and join the whatsapp group.
  3. Supporters and friends: talk to five other people you know. This could be your family, friends, neighbours, or work colleagues. Share stories of what NHS staff have done for you and your loved ones, why you support a pay rise, and ask them to sign the petition and write to their MP.
  4. Union and Political Party members: we need your unions and political parties to publicly call for a 15% pay rise which means passing motions in your branches.
  5. Stay informed and engaged: Come along to our organising calls because we can’t do this without you and join our Pay Whatsapp group.
  6. Join as a member or support us: be part of the cause which is fighting for Nurses and patients.
  7. Show your support: Put a poster up in your window and share our social media images online.

Posters and Social Media

How To Get Involved
Sign the petition
Throughout the pandemic, we’ve clapped to thank Healthcare workers for the incredible work they’ve been doing. Now let’s pay them properly too! We demand a 15% pay rise for all health and social care workers.
Sign here
Join today!
By working together, we can win the change that nurses so desperately need to see. We can't do it without you!
Become a member
If you're a health worker
You need to tell the leaders of the political parties why they should value you!
Write to your MP
If you're a supporter
You need to tell the leaders of political parties the stories of what NHS staff have done for you and your loved ones!
Write to your MP

The only way we’ll win is with your help.

Get involved if you want to put nurses' voices front and centre.

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