The COVID-19 inquiry is an independent public inquiry, chaired by Baroness Hallet, to examine the UK’s response to the pandemic. The outcomes of the inquiry will lead to recommendations to the government based on its terms of reference. 

We know that the situation faced by nursing professionals wasn’t right: unsafe working conditions in the form of lack of PPE, deaths of countless healthcare workers that are still being estimated and the disproportionate impact on people of colour.

We can’t face this situation again, which is why a public inquiry into the handling of the crisis is so important. We need to learn lessons for the future and the Government should be held to account.

We should have a say on how the COVID-19 Inquiry will be run and here’s one of the ways we can do that.

The terms of reference – what the inquiry will focus on – is open for public consultation. The public consultation will allow people across the UK to have their say on the inquiry. The deadline for the consultation is the 7th of April at 23:59. 

At Nurses United we want to: 

  • Feed into the public consultation on the terms of reference:
    • We hosted a roundtable discussion to see what nursing staff think about the terms of reference. We will submit these responses (see below) as Nurses United.
    • We want to encourage our colleagues to submit responses individually

You can use our responses to help guide you. Fill in the public consultation form here, it’s only 4 questions and your opinion matters! Let’s make sure we get the public inquiry we deserve, to root out what went wrong so we can learn for the future.

The only way we’ll win is with your help.

Get involved if you want to put nurses' voices front and centre.

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